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Our Purpose:

  1. Evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ

  2. Disciple them in the Word of God

  3. Establish them in the local church for Christian living.


Our Mission:

To enlist, equip and encourage a team of qualified leaders who will effectively fulfill the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship, expanding the work throughout our six-county chapter which includes Pierce, Pepin, St. Croix, Dunn, Polk and Barron counties.

Local Committee:

Bryan Anderson - Chairman

Odrey Rasmussen - Treasurer

Renee Iverson - Secretary

Shannon Hoppe - Member

Barry Iverson - Member

Debbie Lanzen - Member


Bill Stirrat - Field Missionary

Alice Brown - Local Coordinator

CEF WI Chapter County map 02 13 23-cropped.jpg

Child Evangelism Fellowship is a worldwide children's ministry that was established in 1937.

We are in almost every country in the world and last year reached over 25,000,000 children with the Gospel worldwide.

Visit our international website at

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