Good News Clubs

Good News Club meets after school once a week for 60-90 minutes in the public school. They are led by people in local churches who have a desire to bring the Gospel to children. Each club hour includes an interactive Bible lesson, a memory verse, songs, games, a missionary story, snacks and more.

Children who do not yet know the Lord Jesus are given an invitation and those who do are challenged to live their lives for Him on a daily basis.

5-Day Clubs

5-Day Clubs meet during the summer for five consecutive days, one and a half hours each day. They can be held in back yards, parks, community centers, anywhere children can meet. They include dynamic Bible lessons, fun games and songs, memory verses, exciting missionary stories and snacks. An invitation to know Jesus as Savior is given at each club.

5-Day Club is hosted by people from the community who want to reach children in their neighborhood. Each host and helper is screened to insure the safety of the children. These clubs are taught by trained teens who travel throughout the chapter during the summer.

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Christian Youth In Action

Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) is a program designed to train a team of young people in effective and engaging ways to teach children about God. Teens will attend training where they will learn to present the Gospel clearly on a child’s level, counsel a child for salvation and lead a dynamic club ministry for kids. Components of this club include teaching a Bible lesson, a real-life missionary story, and a Bible verse as well as leading songs, games and fun review time.

Teacher Training

We offer teacher training to those who want to start a Good News Club in their area school as well as church children's workers' trainings and refreshers for those already teaching.

We are always looking for a local church to host a training so the people from the area can enjoy the benefits of learning how to reach children more effectively. The church can choose from a list of about 30 subjects to be taught in sessions (three for a half-day training and six for a full-day training). 


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